Florence Ajimobi Can’t Close Her Store For A Day To Honor Husband- Akin Abubakri

Ajimobi wife can’t close her store for a day to honor her husband,but wants Makinde to cut his trip short.

It is not a good idea for Madam Florence Ajimobi to play politics at this time. After the burial of the Oyo state Gomer governor, late senator Abiola Ajimobi, his wife was interviewed. In her interview she said that the present Oyo state governor Makinde did not care about her husband when he was admitted in the hospital and he failed to visit them after his demise.

After Madam Florence’s comment surfaced online, many people reacted angrily to her comment. A twitter user called out her hypocrisy, saying that Madam Florence could not close her shop GRANDEX STORE for a day to honor her husband but wants Makinde who is not in town to cut his trip short.

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Many people see her comment as political and have asked her to stop playing politics with the death of her husband.

Madam Florence can’t close her store for a day in honor of her late Husband, Sen Abiola Ajimobi but want Gov. Seyi Makinde to cut his trip short because of her late husband.

Anyway, she can’t pay workers full salary if they are absent for a day. AJ footstepClown face

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