How To Post On WordPress [Beginners Guide]

How To Post On Wordpress [Beginners Guide]

How To Post On WordPress [Beginners Guide]

WordPress is the best Platform i’ll advice all bloggers to use, wordpress ranks very well if Your search console, Google Analytics etc are working without any error.

One You set Up Your SEO either Yoast or Rank Maths [Recommended] in wordpress, Posting consistently can rank & boost Your Ranking very well.


  1. Set Up Your Search Console
  2. Set Up Your Google Analytics
  3. Install SEO Plugin
  4. Optimize Your Images
  5. Hit Your SEO Scores
  6. Hit Your Required number of words

How To Set Up Your Search Console

Search Console. Set it up Paste Your link between the <header> code, proceed to creating a sitemap then You’re all set.

How to Install SEO Plugin

Login to Your e.g Go down to Plugins>Add New  Add any plugin or You go to >Upload, Check the plugin in Your PC then install, set it up & do the next thing.

There are numerous reasons why you would (and should) remember pictures for your WordPress posts and articles. Basically, you love your site guests. Pictures are a fundamental method to separate long bits of substance and improve SEO, keeping the peruser connected with and attracting new crowds.

Lamentably, pictures are likely the biggest resource on a page that must be stacked. Only a two-second postponement in load time can bring about page relinquishment paces of up to 87 percent. The greatest guilty party? Picture load time.

Pictures and media documents take up a robust 63 percent of data transmission on present day sites. Thusly, it’s overly essential to upgrade any picture you transfer to your site for speed. Picture streamlining is extremely around two things: improving the quantity of bytes used to encode each picture pixel and upgrading the absolute number of pixels.

Peruse on to get a further clarification of why enormous pictures may be hauling your site down, how to viably pack your media documents, and basic picture enhancement tips to improve your site’s SEO.

It’s a great opportunity to cut the swell. Conveying scaled pictures is one of the least complex and best approaches to enhance your pictures. Why so compelling? Picture scaling will guarantee you’re not transporting further pixels than expected to show the benefit at its proposed size in the program.

Numerous destinations transport huge, unscaled pictures and depend on the program to resize them which brings about the utilization of additional CPU assets and more slow site speed. On the off chance that the picture’s regular size is 820×820 pixels and it is shown by the program as 400×400 pixels… that is 32,400 superfluous pixels!

The clearness and speed at which a page loads has a great deal to do with the gadget with which the picture is shown (portable, work area, and so forth). While a 4k picture may look pleasant on your 27 inch screen, one interesting point is the point at which a guest stacks a page with that picture, the program will render the record at its full goals FIRST and afterward downsize it to fit on their screen, which might be in a program of a cell phone not fit for anything bigger than 400 pixels.

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Best practices when trading your pictures is keep your picture’s record estimates under two or three hundred kilobytes. Ordinarily you can diminish the size well beneath this limit by sparing your pictures as “web enhanced” JPEGs or PNGs. It’s likewise imperative to comprehend that when your documents are enhanced for the web, it will spare them at a goals of 72 spots for each inch (dpi), which is the web standard.

You can utilize Photoshop, Lightroom or a comparative editorial manager to diminish the picture size to around 1,500 pixels or less in width (likely littler in the event that you aren’t planning to show sharp and distinctive photographs on a bigger screen).

The highlighted picture isn’t embedded into the body of the WordPress post however is utilized basically all through your subject as a thumbnail close to a post title or in the header when seeing a specific post.

Most topics and gadgets depend on highlighted pictures, so it’s not something you are going to need to avoid. Included pictures take into consideration more prominent customization; you will be able to show interesting custom header pictures for explicit posts and pages or set thumbnails for unique highlights of your subject.

When you’ve chosen the size you need your highlighted picture to be, that size will stay set for all future included pictures. The size you should choose relies upon the topic of your WordPress site and the format of your posts. Highlighted pictures are typically huge in width, running somewhere in the range of 500-900 pixels wide. It’s likewise best to pick a high-goals picture and not one that is pixelated (otherwise known as a lossless JPEG picture that has been taken from the web).

You Must Make sure Your Pictures are always in JPEG Form & not more than 1MB.


This is one of the factors that ranks Most site owners higher, You must hit the required number of word they need, which is 300 words count.


We know You’re new to wordpress & we’re gonna show You how to post as beginner here, You come down to posts>Add New thats all You add Your title, Your excerpts, Your featured image [optimized] Your internal linkings & outbound links, optimize the whole content & post.

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